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Kyle Simons

Associate Creative Director (Copywriter)


Throughout my career I've not only been able to work on big brands like Ikea, Canadian Tire, Volkswagen, Honda, and Molson, but I've been able to work with some of the best people in the business. When I'm not pouring creativity onto a page, I'm trying to contribute to agency culture in a fun and engaging way. I'm always open to new opportunities to grow so feel free to reach out.

Get in touch.

  • Teamwork

  • Initiative

  • Ambition

  • Time-Management

  • Problem-Solving

  • Karaoke


Humber College

Advertising Copywriting


Western University

Media, Information and Technoculture


Associate Creative Director - Narrative - 2022-Present

º Was promoted internally within the parent company (Tadiem Inc.).

º Works with creative teams to create and present campaigns to client.

Copywriter - OneMethod - 2021-2022

º Created killer campaigns.

º Helped on projects across various arms of the parent company (Tadiem Inc.).

º Contributed regularly to the Nintendo Switch Slack channel.

Copywriter - Bleublancrouge - 2021-present

º Presented potential creative and business opportunities to management.

º Created quality creative within time and budget constraints.

º Planned office Jeopardy every Friday.

Copywriter - Taxi - 2019-2021

º Pitched spec work regularly.

º Worked on big brands like Volkswagen and Canadian Tire.

º Provided staff with presentations on LGBTQ+ issues and advertising.

º Made it a goal to make every meeting relatively fun.

Copywriter - Rethink - 2017-2019

º Pitched new creative initiatives to company partners.

º Drafted scripts, headlines, and big ideas.

º Won awards.

º Got incredible satisfaction out of using the cork board wall.

Copywriting Apprentice - Grip Limited - 2017

º Wrote captivating copy for print, digital, OOH, and social.

º Helped create big ideas for Honda and Pizza Hut.

º Would pet office dogs compulsively when times were tough.

Look 'Ma,
No Hands!

º Microsoft Office

º Keynote

º Facebook

º Twitter

º Instagram

º TikTok

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